• iOS app/tweak development (2+ years)
  • Reverse-engineering parts of SpringBoard/UIKit
  • Extensive experience in utilizing both public and private iOS frameworks
  • User interface design and implementation with attention to finer details

See iOS Development Experience for examples of my work.

Programming Languages

Objective-C/Swift 2 years
C/C++ 2 years
Java 4 years
MATLAB 3 years
SQL 1 year
MIPS Assembly 1 year
Scheme 1 year


The watchOS app launcher, now on your iOS device!

Check out Honey on Dynastic Repo!


A watchOS-inspired home screen replacement designed to make finding apps quick and easy! HomeList features gorgeous banners, blurs, animations, haptic feedback, and tons of essential features. This was my honors thesis at ASU, and I'm so proud of the final product!

Check out HomeList on Dynastic Repo!


Add your dock to your Lock screen for quick and easy access to your favorite apps! Designed to perfectly mimic the Home screen dock on both newer and older iPhones!

Check out LockDock on Dynastic Repo!


Quickly take notes on your Lock screen! Notepad is convenient – Jot down a quick thought or check your shopping list instantly.

Check out Notepad on Dynastic Repo!


The ultimate iPhone X battery icon customizer. Bazzi includes 5 different battery icon styles and 4 different battery notch styles. Each style was designed to improve readability and functionality of the iPhone X's battery icon.

Check out Bazzi on Dynastic Repo!


If you're interested in hiring me, or if you just want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or DM me!